United’s Public Relations Nightmare Has Spread to China

by Tammy Levent

Things aren’t what they seem or in most cases things aren’t how they appear from my vantage point! An asian man was shown to have had a blooded and swollen face from an incident that happened a board a united airlines flight. Their has been threats of boycotting united airlines in china and many parts of the world. But there are those who feel that the aviation department attempted to reason and come to a peaceful conclusion with the alleged victim. Theirs video that supports that statement and he himself (the alleged victim) set off the events that caused him physical suffering.

Key Takeaways:

  • Images of the bloodied passenger forcibly removed from a United Airlines flight drew widespread condemnation in China.
  • Many responded with outrage over perceived ethnic bias against the passenger and some called for a boycott of the U.S.-based airline.
  • State-run media fueled the anger with reports that noted the unidentified victim was an “Asian passenger.”

“Rowdiness has long been associated with air travel in China, including passengers getting into fights with crew members and a vicious assault last year in which an enraged customer smashed an airline check-in clerk in the head with a brass plaque.”


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