Travel guide to Aman Resorts

by Tammy Levent

Luxury abounds at Aman’s properties located throughout Asia. A diversity of landscapes and cultures offer many options for a short getaway or an extended vacation. You can have a variety of experiences from a spiritual awakening in a monastery in the Choekhor Valley or enjoy a delightful stay at an old-world hotel in the Colonial province of Luang Prahang. There are many possibilities when you stay with Aman.

Key Takeaways:

  • Phenomenal luxury, exquisite comforts and an astonishing array of different cultures and landscapes, Aman serves up the best of the best every time.
  • There are many luxury destinations to choose from across Aman.
  • People who enjoy nature will be pleased with the many options.

“Overlooking the capital in a quiet setting, Amankora Thimphu is in the perfect location to venture into town to visit the markets or see the many highlights and attractions.”

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