Travel Agent Plans Pricey (and Tricky) Trips for Corporate CEOs and Former U.S. Presidents

by Tammy Levent

A top travel agent who deals with the super rich, even ex-presidents, shares her tips she has learned when being ultra-wealthy means you are ultra-unreasonable or over the top picky. It can however, lead to a big pay off in the long run if you know how to handle these clients and their needs.

Key Takeaways:

  • Jaclyn Sienna India, president and founder of the decade-old travel consultancy Sienna Charles. Each client has different, sometimes extreme requests and it is her job to organize everything on their trip for them.
  • Many execs have their own jets for many reasons. One is that they are tax deductible and they offer more privacy, comfort and customization for them and their guests Lodging can very from high end hotels to private villas. In either case, India provides high level management list of their wishes and needs.
  • Aside from a small few, India receives much praise from her clients for a job well done. She gets gifts of a personal nature and her favorite gift is to be invited over for dinner with the family. This allows her to get to know them better so she can better prepare their next trip.

“To help them wade through their options, she prefers face-to-face lunch meetings (typically at such power spots as Le Bernardin) over cursory phone calls.”

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