The Biggest Event in Endurance Lawnmower Racing Happened Last Weekend

by Tammy Levent

Yes, people do race their lawn mowers. It is actually interesting if you like things with motors. A big event just happened. If you have never seen such a race this may not be something you knew about. You can find the events online if you want to go to the next one.

Key Takeaways:

  • If so, you and your mower might consider competing in next year’s “12 Hour Endurance Race,” an annual extravaganza in which lawnmowers show their speed and humans prove their gumption.
  • As they detail on their website, the BLMRA was born in 1973, when a rally car racer named Jim Gavin grew tired of athletic commercialism and decided to invent a motor sport that would be immune to sponsorship.
  • Unlike other lawnmower-loving speedsters, BLMRA members are not permitted to modify their vehicles’ engines. They can change the gearing, though, and a skilled driver on a good machine can reach speeds up to 50 miles per hour.

“This year’s Endurance Race drew around 50 teams, which first had to prove their worth with a few speed laps along the twisting dirt track.”

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