The Best Animal Reactions to the Eclipse

by Tammy Levent

A national obsession recently took place relating to the solar eclipse on August 21, 2017. Prior to it, a survey was made of rangers, zookeepers and biologists about eclipse’s effect on animals. They had varied assumptions from no reaction to staring. In fact, bats left their roosts and Turkey Vultures returned to theirs thinking it was evening. Flamingos apparently gathered on one end of their lagoon area. Orangutans climbed as high as possible. Giraffes were running around confused. Non professionals also observed animals as well as flowers and reported various outcomes including Okra flowers opening and closing.

Key Takeaways:

  • Before the August 21st eclipse zookeepers and biologists were asked to give an opinion as to how they expected animals to act during the eclipse.
  • Predictions ranged from assumptions that the animals wouldn’t care, or would sleep through it, to tongue in cheek suggestions that they could sit up and worship the sun.
  • In fact, many nocturnal animals came out, some diurnal animals went home to roost, while the bats expressed great annoyance at the small amount of time they had for hunting.

“Sometimes the best reaction is none at all. On eclipse day, the Washington Post’s Dave Jorgensen headed to Cross Plains, Tennessee, to spend totality with the town’s famous fainting goats.”

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