Singapore Air Wants Some Flight Attendants To Take Unpaid Leave

by Tammy Levent

I can’t help but wonder why Singapore Air would want to get rid of flight attendants after buying so many air carriers. When a decision was made to buy more air carriers, I would have thought flight attendants would be necessary to staff them, unless the purchase was made for future use. In that case company wants to save money on labor costs to lay a foundation down for prospective growth. It’s just a shame it comes at the cost of the employee’s well being.

Key Takeaways:

  • Singapore Air is attempting to remain competitive, and they recently purchased many airplanes.
  • Unfortunately, this spending spree is impacting employees, and they are offering three months of voluntary unpaid leave to cabin crew.
  • Singapore Air is reviewing its business model because of competition from Middle East airlines and budget carriers.

“Singapore Airlines Ltd. is offering three months of voluntary unpaid leave to cabin crew as it seeks to cut costs amid rising competition in the region.”

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