Kayak Begins Advertising on U.S. Television Again

by Tammy Levent

I haven’t seen Kayak advertise before. This article explains that they’ll start doing so in the United States. We can expect to see the ads when we never have before. This may interest you if you’re one who enjoys commercials or learning about new products. TV ads are a good way to get info out there to the average consumer.

Key Takeaways:

  • Kayak has begun to advertise on TV in the United States again. Ads are highlighting a tool that allows users of the website to forecast the cost of the fair. Ads are targeting those who stay up with trends.
  • Kayak had been warned by advertising industry an absence from the TV could be a disaster, losing market share, which did not happen.
  • Ads are not to compete with Google Flights & Hopper by to highlights tools offered to users to make travel booking easier

“Flight and hotel metasearch site Kayak returned to television advertising in the United States in late December after a roughly year-and-a-half absence stateside, and interestingly the spot, Kayak Trend Forecaster, highlights a tool, airfare forecasting, that rivals Google Flights and Hopper, do as well.”


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