Inside an Abandoned Panopticon Prison in Cuba

by Tammy Levent

It is a sleepy existence today, but the island has a long and notorious history. It was popular with pirates, and was once known as Treasure Island—made famous by Robert Louis Stevenson. J.M. Barrie is also said to have drawn on accounts of the island when writing Peter Pan.

Key Takeaways:

  • An old prison in Cuba has attracted media attention. It features stunning architectural design unlike any other. Find it on the Isle de la Juventud.
  • Fidel Castro spent some time on the island. In 1978, he even gave the island its current name. The same prison became renowned for harsh treatment of prisoners.
  • The style of the prison is known as Panoptic. Other countries have used that architectural style for prisons before now. But they have fallen in to disuse.

“Presidio Modelo has been closed for 50 years, following riots and hunger strikes. It is now a national monument and hosts a museum in its old hospital wing.”

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