Hunting for a Great Vacation

by JuJuB


It’s early in the morning. You’re decked out in camouflage. All that surrounds you are the elements of nature. It’s quiet and serene and you’re on the prowl. You peer through the bushes and spot him. BAM! You’ve landed that glorious shot you have been dreaming about since you booked your flight here.

Does this sound like the vacation you have been searching for? If so, you’re in luck because Elite Adventure Travel has created a list of steps you can take for planning and executing the perfect hunting trip.

– Decide what kind of game you want to hunt. Is it birds, deer or something more exciting? Determining what you want to hunt can help narrow down the location you choose.

– Get your paperwork in order. Passports and permits may be required for your trip and some hunting permits will require tests and classes. The sooner you can get these taken care of, the better!

– Book the trip. Although it’s not always the case, the earlier you book your trip, the more money you can potentially save.

– Find out what you need to bring. Some hunting vacations include guides, guns and ammo, others don’t. Make a list of supplies you might need and gather them. If you need to transport a weapon, it would help to know how to legally do that.

– Research the area. Even if a guide is taking you on your trip, it never hurts to look up the spot you will be in to get an idea of the terrain’s topography and weather.

– Learn the laws. Some hunting spots will not allow you to take your kill with you or will require you have a separate permit for removal of the kill. Make sure you keep it legal and know all laws regarding your trip in advance.

– Plan your time. Some hunting trips require going in the wee hours of the morning, whereas others can be in the middle of the day or night.

– Travel to your destination. If possible check out the land the day before the hunt. If not spend the day before double checking your maps and equipment.

– Show up early and let the hunt begin!

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