Finland May Have Just Broken a Skinny-Dipping World Record

by Tammy Levent

Concertgoers at a music festival in Joensuu, Finland have set a record for the largest number of skinny-dippers at the same time. A total of 789 participants shed their clothes, and, donning only green swim caps, simultaneously waded into a nearby lake. While sloshing in the water, the group broke into the Finnish national anthem. This group breaks the record, held previously by a group from Australia, by a mere three people.

Key Takeaways:

  • Finland may have broken a record for skinny dipping recently. A music festival held at Joensuu, Finland saw crowds of naked swimmers.
  • The end count revealed around 789 skinny dippers on hand. People are waiting confirmation from the Guinness World Records officials to celebrate.
  • The bathers could be identified by their green caps while swimming. They also sang a national anthem as part of their performance there.

“If confirmed by Guinness World Records, the dip will have surpassed a 2015 mass skinny dip in Australia by just three people.”

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