Connecting from Afar- Communicating While Traveling

by JuJuB

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While on vacation it’s often nice to just get away from it all, but sometimes you’ll want to check in with family and friends back home. This is especially true for those traveling on extended trips. The question then becomes what are the best ways to communicate with loved ones from afar?

Facebook- Today this seems to be the most common way to check in with anyone from anywhere in the world. It’s free, it offers an email feature, you can post pictures of where you are and activities you’re doing and thousands more people are signing up for accounts daily making access easier than ever before.

Skype- This is becoming an extremely popular option for folks that want to connect and see the people they are talking to in real time. For military stationed overseas this is a common way to reach out to loved ones because they can hook up their webcams and see their friends and families while catching up.

WhatsApp Messenger- Tammy Levent, our CEO here at Elite Travel loves the WhatsApp Messenger app on her phone while she is traveling. WhatsApp Messenger is a messaging app available for Android and other smartphones and it uses your phone’s internet connection to message and call friends and family. The best part? No international charges. When you send WhatsApp messages internationally you can do it for just the cost of your internet hookup and if you’re able to find a free internet café to tap into their Wi-Fi there are no charges at all!

Note: As of the writing of this post there is an annual fee of $0.99 per year for some users to use this app. Check your app store for details.

Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or the like- Of course, with all of the other options available email is not as popular for communicating with family while traveling, but it’s still an option nonetheless. There are so many free email platforms available too. You just have to choose your favorite one and get an account.

What is your favorite way to communicate from afar? Chime in with a comment below!

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