When it comes to rewarding your employees

by Tammy Levent

Employees want to feel appreciated when they are working hard. They want to know that their bosses like the work they are doing and the hard work they are putting in. You should want to show your employees how much you appreciate and value them too. Maybe they pulled in a big fish who wants to have a family reunion with hundreds of his closest relatives, or maybe they landed a huge corporate client and you will be handling all of the travel arrangements. If you’re looking for more of a reward than an honorary certificate or an ‘Employee of the Month” picture and applause, there are several ways that you can do it:

Money: Everyone likes cash, but it really is just temporary. When the money is gone, the reward feels like it’s over. Unfortunately, it has been known to backfire too. For example, while you might think that employees could always use more money, employers that use straight cash to motivate employees might find that their employees think that money matters more to employers than anything else. However, money can be used in different forms as a rewards. Think of gift certificates to local restaurants, movie theaters, or stores.  Want to think larger? How about a gift certificate for a weekend away?

Gifts: Sometimes a small token of appreciation is the perfect way to reward a job well done. Perhaps the latest in music technology, a television, a big batch of books from their favorite author, a Netflix subscription, box of decadent Swiss chocolate or a beautiful bouquet of flowers is just enough to say ‘thanks,’ without breaking the budget.

Trips:  Being in the travel industry it would make sense to give a trip as an incentive reward to your employees. These trips do not have to be luxury trips to a private island or a 15-day cruise around Europe. If your employee deserves a big reward for a job well done, then perhaps a weekend getaway to a bed and breakfast, or an overnight cruise to nowhere might be appropriate. An all-expenses paid trip to Las Vegas, depending on your location, could be an option or even a night in a luxury hotel with room service and an in-room massage could be exactly what your employee needs after putting in hours upon hours helping you to grow your business.

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