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Australia: Adelaide and Kangaroo Island

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Thinking about taking your next vacation somewhere on the beautiful continent of Australia? This bucket list vacation destination offers some of the most natural wonders in all the world! There are also many things to see and do in Australia, including appreciating the absolutely gorgeous beaches, witnessing the interesting lifestyle of Aussie’s, exploring the many fascinating adventure opportunities that exist here, and exploring some of Australia’s greatest cities.


Adelaide is located in Southern Australia. With a population of just under 1.4 million people, this Australian city is known as South Australia’s cosmopolitan coastal capital. There’s plenty of perfect white sand beaches in this coastal city, as well as a long list of local farmers markets, restaurants, and wineries to explore. The large population of both seals and dolphins living along the coastline make for great views for those who choose to walk or bike ride through Adelaide’s many trails.

There’s also a large focus on the arts, music and dance here, which is why people from all over the world fly out in order to attend its 2 biggest festivals – Fringe and WOMAD. The city is also a well-known for its popular sporting events, with tennis, cricket and football being three of the more popular sports.

Since Adelaide is only a short 30 minute plane ride to Kangaroo Island, those who choose to visit Adelaide are encouraged to also visit nearby Kangaroo Island.

Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo island is Australia’s third biggest island. The beaches are clean and rugged, making them one of the top reasons why this island is quickly becoming a top vacation destination for beach lovers. Add the ability to explore its underground caves, learn about the conservation techniques used to protect the wildlife here, check out the historic lighthouses, and enjoy eating some of the best gourmet cuisine, and you can see why this Australian island is one that must be discovered!

While the ability to see the native wildlife that lives here up close is a top reason for visiting the Island, the artisanal food scene is one that any food lover will enjoy as the Island is also known for its award winning beers and wines. One of the best luxury hotels in all the world is also located here – the Southern Ocean Lodge. This lodge is situated on a cliff above the sea, and overlooks one of the most beautiful, rocky stretches of coastline the Island has to offer.

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Croatia by Sea

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Thinking about taking your next trip somewhere in Europe? How does cruising the coastline of Croatia sound? Croatia is located in Southeastern Europe, and includes more than 1100 miles of coastline right along the Adriatic Sea. There are more than 1200 islands along this coast, ranging in size from small rocky islands to larger yet still private islands. Directly across the Adriatic Sea is Italy.

About Croatia

Why is Croatia becoming a top vacation destination amongst today’s travelers? Croatia is a unique European destination that simply offers some of the most interesting and beautiful scenery. The Mediterranean country is one that emits an old-world feel, as there are many Unesco World Heritage Sites that exist here, and accordingly one of the top reasons why many travelers choose to visit the ancient country. The Roman architecture is very well preserved, which is very exciting to those who enjoy exploring old architectural buildings.

Why Visit Croatia’s Coastline?

The fact that Croatia has one of the most gorgeous coastlines in all of the world makes booking a cruise to enjoy its coastline a must! The ability to explore the beauty of Croatia via its coastline is something every traveler will enjoy, no matter what their age. And because the area tends to experience a mild climate all year long, travelers can book a cruise with one of the cruise lines that travel up and down the gorgeous coastline of Croatia any time of the year.

There are both small cruise lines and large cruise lines available to view the beautiful country of Croatia by sea. Discovery cruises offer travelers the ability to learn about Croatia’s fascinating history, including the reasons behind all of the many castles and cathedrals that exist in Croatia. Luxury cruises that explore Croatia’s coastline tend to lean towards relaxed luxury travel vs. high end luxury travel.

Sailing cruises are for travelers who are looking for excitement, romance, or a little of both! The world’s largest full-rigged sailing ship is available for travelers who want to experience a different type of cruising. Large cruise ships, local cruises, and day cruises are also available, making it worthwhile for any traveler wanting to explore Croatia’s beautiful coastline to look into all of their available options.

Katerina Lines offers coastline itineraries of Croatia, and offers travelers a large number of Croatian coastline itineraries. There are many different types of itineraries to choose from, which means there’s a perfect itinerary for everyone. Examples include itineraries based on relaxation, bicycling, hiking, young fun, and simply enjoying the beautiful coastline.

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Discover Ireland adventure

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You’re sure to have a ‘whale of a time’ when you book your ultimate vacation to the beautiful country of Ireland. Known for its music, lush landscapes, majestic castles and craft beer, there’s so much to see and do.

Craft beer: The Irish love their ale, so, while you are there, try a pint of Gat at the Guinness Storehouse, one of Ireland’s most popular tourist attractions. Other breweries, including Metalman Brewing, and Blacks of Kinsale, offer tours of their facilities and taste tests.

Whiskey tours: If you prefer a little Irish whiskey instead, make sure to visit the Irish Whiskey Museum, where you can learn all about one of this country’s favorite drinks. This whiskey museum tour is an interactive, modern experience that has Irish whiskey memorabilia dating back to the 1800s. Sample Irish whiskey, Irish Coffee or whiskey cocktails. Sign up for a guided tour and tastings.

Castles: Castles aren’t just for princes and princesses. There are more than 30,000 castles and castle ruins of all shapes and sizes throughout Ireland to see, so make to check out a few of these fascinating structures. Top of the list should be Bunratty Castle, a former Viking trading camp, or the Ross Castle, which was built somewhere around the 15th century. Don’t miss Parke’s Castle in County Leitrim, a restored medieval castle. If you loved the television show The Tudors, then check out The Irish Castle at Cahir in County Tipperary where some of the show was filmed. Of course, a trip to Ireland wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the famous Blarney Castle and a upside down kiss on the Blarney Stone.

Mountain-biking: Get out and explore the plush Ireland countryside, but do it on a mountain bike at Ballyhoura, the largest trail network in Ireland. Some spots of the trail are easy, while some are extremely challenging, so be ready. Adventure seekers can also go cycling or kayaking in Kilkenny, take a cliff walk at the Greystones, hike at Wicklow Mountains or hike Ireland’s remote and rugged Cliffs of Moher.

Spelunking: Cave lovers will want to explore Ireland’s many hollows, such as Aillwee Caves where you can tour chasms and see unique formations and frozen waterfalls.

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If you’re a roller coaster junkie and you have a need for speed, then taking a tour of the top rollercoasters around the country is a great way to feed your coaster cravings.

Head West Young Man: Here you will find the scariest 116-degree drop and 70mph ride on Cannibal at Lagoon Amusement Park in Farmington, Utah. A one-day visit to Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California, gets the coaster lover 18 rides to try, including the Green Lantern, which comes with a 144-foot drop, followed immediately by a 121-foot loop. And of course, you have to ride Superman: Escape from Krypton, where you’ll launch right out of the gate at 100mph … backwards.

Or go East: Your northeast rollercoaster tour should include stops at Jackson, New Jersey, where the wooden coaster, the El Toro, which has a maximum velocity of 70mph, is one of the most popular rides at Six Flags Great Adventure. If you’re spending the day at Six Flags, then spend some time on line at Kingda Ka, the tallest roller coaster in the world, where you shoot out at 128mph and head down a staggering 418ft drop! A short drive into Pennsylvania and you’ll be on Skyrush at

Hersheypark in Hershey, where you will reach five Gs on the first drop alone. Then head over to The GateKeeper at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, the tallest and fastest wing coaster that inverts a harrowing six times at 67mph.

Going South: If you’re heading down south to try the coasters, then Carowinds in Charlotte, North Carolina must be on your list. It is home to the Fury 325, the tallest chain-lift roller coaster in the world at 325ft and a whopping 95 mph. Walt Disney World has must-rides in the dark Space Mountain, even though it’s only 27 mph, and Mission: SPACE, a realistic simulated liftoff and flight. In Doswell, Virginia, the Intimidator 305 is at the Kings Dominion and, hang on, it has multiple low-to-the-ground hairpin turns and is a 90mph challenge for the best of the best rollercoaster lovers.

Midwest: Finally, are you the Davy to Six Flags’ Goliath? In Gurnee, Illinois, you can give it a shot on the Goliath, which has the longest (180ft) and steepest (85 degrees) drop of any wooden roller coaster in the country.

There are almost 500 rollercoasters of varying shapes, sizes and speeds, so plan your US tour for this upcoming summer season.

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Adventure in Jamaica

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Jamaica is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. Whether you just love to put your toes in the sand and soak up some sun or you are more of an adventurist, there is always something to do.

Beaches: Take your pick. There’s Treasure Beach, a six-mile stretch of coral-colored and black sands, private coves and rocky shores. Montego Bay, a major cruise ship port has Doctor’s Cave Beach and Walter Fletcher Beach. Founded in 1906, Doctor’s Cave Beach Club is nestled between the Marine Park and the Hip Strip. Explore Seven Mile Beach in Negril, Jamaica’s hot spot for sunbathers, including a few nudies in designated areas. You can also go horseback riding to see Jamaica’s trails and then take the horses right into the Caribbean.

Water fun: The green and blue ocean water shouldn’t just be watched from the shoreline, it should be explored. Located in Ocho Rios, the Rio Nuevo Wall is a diver’s paradise, with a 25-foot dive. Dunn’s River Falls is also a must-see for visitors where you can climb 600-foot cascades and snorkel below. Surfers can’t go to Jamaica without hanging 10 on Boston Bay Beach, one of the bluest, most beautiful beaches on the island.

Safari: Take a trip in a safari jeep up to the highest viewpoint of Ocho Rios, “Murphy Hill” (2000 feet above sea level) to really see what this beautiful country is all about. Ziplining is across the island is another way to see the stunning sights.

Hiking: The Blue Mountain Peak Trail takes approximately several hours to hike, ending at Blue Mountain Peak. Known for its Blue Mountain coffee, the Peak is the highest mountain in Jamaica at 7,402 ft., making it a prime location for trekkers. If you want to maximize trail time, Portland Gap is a convenient overnight stay on the trail.

Music: Get your groove on, because July 1 is International Reggae Day. Jamaica reveres this day with a 24-hour celebration of its reggae culture and influence. If that’s not long enough of a celebration, the Jamaica Festival is a one-week celebration honoring Jamaica’s independence.

Eat: Tasting the Jamaican delicacies is always an adventure in itself. Be sure to try their famous Jerk chicken, curry goat, fried dumplings, fried plantain, and steamed cabbage. Of course, a little Jamaican rum is a great way to top off a wonderful vacation.

So much to do, so little time!


Cycling Across Country

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Many people have dreams of touring across the country on a bike, but aren’t sure where or how to start. Maybe they don’t know what kind of bike to get, or what kind of route they should plan. Here are some helpful tips to help you get started on your cycling tour across the country.

Consider buying a touring bike. While they can be pricier than standard bikes, there are benefits to buying a bicycle specifically geared towards touring, especially if you think you might do more than one tour in your life. They’re generally more durable, can handle tougher terrain, and can support more loadings than most other bikes. You don’t necessarily need a top-of-the-line touring bike for your trip, and there are some pretty inexpensive ones out there if you look for deals. If you don’t want to buy an entirely new bike, you can still upgrade your current bike to have the tools you’ll need, such as methods of carrying your luggage or better tires.

Start exercising. You might cycle a lot, but it’s likely that your body isn’t used to taking 6- to 8-hour bike rides every day, so it’s important to start exercising and conditioning your body. Depending on the type of tour you’re choosing, your workout routine could change. For more casual tours, you can probably get away with easier workouts, while tougher workouts could require more rigorous training. If you’re unsure what type of workout to do, ask an expert at your local gym.

In a tour or by yourself? A big part of prepping for your cross country journey is deciding if you want to go in an organized tour or make your own route by yourself. There are certain benefits to both, but it depends on your personal preference. If you’re not confident enough to go solo, a group is a good starting option. For example, America by Bicycle is one tour company with different routes for all skill levels. Trek Travel is another organization that offers individual, family tours and pro cycling tours.

Planning your route. If you choose to go by yourself instead of in a group, planning out your route will be the most important part of your trip. If you’re not sure where to start, considering choosing some tourist attractions or other such places that you’ve always wanted to see and mark them on a map. From there, you can start to connect the roads between them and plan your stops along the way, whether they be at hotels or camp grounds. It’s important to have a detailed plan before you leave, a map in case you get lost (and you’re not in a Wi-Fi area) and adequate supplies.

Don’t overpack. Like most other vacations, packing can be quite the hassle when it comes to biking across country. Taking a minimalistic view on packing can help lessen your load and make traveling easier. Two things you can easily pack less of is food and clothes. Pack outfits that can be used in multiple ways and also help to save space. .


Beginners Hunting

Beginners Hunting

by JuJuB

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If you’re a novice to hunting, it might be in your best interest in embark on a guided hunting trip that helps you to definitely bag some game. By participating on a trip with other hunters, you learn and improve on the skills you need in order to become a better hunter.

These hunting trips are held in various places throughout the United States, such as Texas, Montana and even upstate New York. In Texas, Casa Monte Ranch is a must visit for hunters. Located in the heart of the famed Brush Country of South Texas, Casa Monte Lodge offers the sportsman a wide variety of Exciting Adventures.

Tour operators offer a combination hunting and fishing trip where Black Bear can be found on a hunting trip to British Columbia, a destination that produces some of the largest Black Bears in North America, primarily due to the abundance of rivers and streams loaded with protein rich fish.

In New York’s Adirondack Mountains, there are services, such as C.P.’s Guide Service, that provide guided turkey, bear, deer and coyote hunts on privately owned farm land. They also provide guided turkey hunts, deer hunts (bow hunting trips also available), wild whitetail deer, and even coyote hunts in Otsego and Herkimer Counties in New York.

According to the National Shooting Sports Association, many ranges across the country offer free introductory classes to firearm safety. The National Rifle Association offer firearm training courses in every state. These lessons would be a great opportunity to improve schools, especially before embarking on a hunting tour. Family Stream says that if you’re interested in beginning to hunt deer, start with an introduction to the basics, from tips on choosing a place to hunt to illustrated steps for dressing your kill.

Before you sign up for a tour, find out more information about the sport of hunting in the state or country that you are visiting. Every country has hunting and firearm laws that are specific to them, so make sure you know what you’re getting into. If you are found guilty of hunting protected or endangered animals during a trip, you may face jail time in addition to losing your license.


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Skiing in Colorado is a lot of fun and a great vacation for getting kids and adults alike to exercise while basking in the sunshine and fresh air! However, it’s no secret that skiing can take out a huge chunk from anyone’s budget if it is done too often. Still, there are myriads of ways to help you lift the load and we have listed three of them below for you.

Tip #1: Catch the Early and Late Skiing Season Tickets!

One way for your family to save and still be able to enjoy skiing in Colorado is by going in the early and/or late skiing season. Being early isn’t entirely a bad thing if you and your kids have never tried skiing before because you will be just spending your first days in the lower slopes to get the feel of things anyway. Yes, the snow cover might be minimal over most of the mountain, but beginners don’t usually ski on most of the runs so you’ll get to enjoy the experience and save.

However, during springtime it is actually the other way around as the snow has been piled up during the winter. The snow may feel like old and mushy mashed potatoes, but it would still be an incredible experience as you half-ski, half-surf down a gorgeous mountain. Hey, at least there won’t be lines at the lifts! You will be among the few enjoying minimal crowds and the lowest prices of the season.

Tip #2: Always Avoid the Glitz and the Glam of the “Ritzy” Resorts

Just like with everything else, you are also paying for the brand as you ski. If you deem that it is important that you only take your family to a famous and posh ski resort this winter then this article is not for you. There are several gems offering just as much fun as the resorts with large advertising budgets, but at a fraction of the cost. You’ll still bare witness to breathtaking views, fabulous atmosphere, friendly people, world class ski instructors and more.

Tip #3: Buy Tickets for Multiple Days Access.

If you plan on skiing multiple days it’s best to buy in bulk. Think Multi-day ski lift passes and equipment rentals. It also sometimes helps to go to the website of the place you will be skiing with to inquire about deals and coupons. Some places offer advance purchase discounts too. The best part if these are often completely transferable without having additional fees!

There you have it, three ways to save and still have a skiing adventure in Colorado. Now, we want to hear from you! Have you ever been skiing? If so, where did you go and what was your favorite thing about the trip?

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Adventure Travel in Florida

I you’re a thrill-seeker, you might find this hard to believe, but you don’t have to leave the state of Florida to find loads of adventure. To prove it, I’ve put together a list of four amazing adventure trips you can have right here in Elite Travel’s home state! Check them out below and then add a comment with your favorite adventure activity to do here in Florida.

Scuba Dive in the Florida Keys

Scuba diving in the Florida Keys is one of the greatest scuba destinations in the United States. The waters are full of marine life and interesting diving finds. This area consists of islands that have many shipwrecks and some great coral reefs.

Skydive City in Zephyrhills

Skydive City is one of the world’s premiere sky diving centers. In business for 26 years, Skydive City offers impeccable training and safety. Whether you have jumped enough to do it on your own or wish to do it tandem, Skydive City can accommodate you. The view on your way down of the city of Zephyrhills is amazing as well! They do more than 4,000 tandem jumps a year, so you know you’re in good hands.

Zip Line in Melbourne

Yes, you read that correctly. You can go zip lining in Florida. Treetop Trek in Melbourne is situated in an iconic natural landscape of Florida. You’ll enjoy zipping, climbing, swinging or crawling! Regardless of your activity level, you’ll enjoy an amazing adventure. Zip across the wetlands and take in the beautiful view from above.

Turkey Hunting in Osceola

Yep, you can even go hunting without leaving the state. One such sport if turkey hunting and Osceola offers a unique set of exciting obstacles for you to hunt in. From learning the terrain of wetlands a.k.a. swampland to getting up close and personal with a variety of animals, your hunt will be filled with fun and a hint of danger that will keep your adrenaline pumping all day long. The most dangerous thing you’ll encounter though will be mosquitoes. Be sure to wear bug spray on your hunt as these pesky bugs can ruin any good trip faster that you can fire your gun!

There you have it, four exciting adventures right here in Florida. Ready to see what else Florida has to offer? Call Elite Travel today!


Deer hunting is an adrenaline inducing activity that gives many hunters a rush that is unmatched bar none. To be successful in this sport, you need to be careful about timing and the place of hunting. When deer hunters look for the best states to hunt in for the late season they consider factors such as nonresident license cost, difficulty in obtaining a license and the success rate of hunters.

The state of Wisconsin has a record of having more hunters that have killed more B&C bucks than any other state. Some of the states that rank highly along with Wisconsin include Indiana, Iowa, Colorado, Kansas and Kentucky. When looking to hunt, the size of the public land is also a consideration. In this regard, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho offer large parcels of public land. Hunters looking for mule deer and the elk must stay on public land. However, if you want to hunt for whitetails you can look for them on private farmlands found on the riparian parts of the above states. Many of these areas charge a fee to hunt on them.

In the United States, late season is characterized by deer’s bellies. The deer revolve around places with food sources and hunters should do the same. When in the midwest and northern parts of the country, late-season food entails milo, soybeans, brassica plots, hard mast and corn. In the east and down south you should concentrate in places with clover, soft mast, oats and wheat. When you find a food source with deer tracks that could be the best spot for you to go hunting. Find the food they are looking for and you’ll find your prize buck.

In Illinois the late season hunting for deer starts in December to January and it normally offers hunters various whitetail phases. The phases include winter phases, secondary rut and post rut. The late muzzleloader-only and second gun season for Illinois is scheduled for this period and it attracts many whitetail hunters. Hunters who live or travel to the Washington state need to know that blacktails are found on the western part of the state. Although deer hunting in Washington allows for liberal seasons, hunters can take part in late season hunting as well. For this, you will need a deer license, a weapon that may be a modern firearm, muzzleloader or archery. Black tail deer hunting does not have a single formula but calls for paying much attention to the surroundings and being flexible in order to be successful.

For more information on deer hunting licensing and laws check with the state you plan to visit. And, always obey local hunting laws where ever you choose to hunt because travel insurance doesn’t cover bail money!


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