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Croatia by Sea

by JuJuB

Thinking about taking your next trip somewhere in Europe? How does cruising the coastline of Croatia sound? Croatia is located in Southeastern Europe, and includes more than 1100 miles of coastline right along the Adriatic Sea. There are more than 1200 islands along this coast, ranging in size from small rocky islands to larger yet still private islands. Directly across the Adriatic Sea is Italy.

About Croatia

Why is Croatia becoming a top vacation destination amongst today’s travelers? Croatia is a unique European destination that simply offers some of the most interesting and beautiful scenery. The Mediterranean country is one that emits an old-world feel, as there are many Unesco World Heritage Sites that exist here, and accordingly one of the top reasons why many travelers choose to visit the ancient country. The Roman architecture is very well preserved, which is very exciting to those who enjoy exploring old architectural buildings.

Why Visit Croatia’s Coastline?

The fact that Croatia has one of the most gorgeous coastlines in all of the world makes booking a cruise to enjoy its coastline a must! The ability to explore the beauty of Croatia via its coastline is something every traveler will enjoy, no matter what their age. And because the area tends to experience a mild climate all year long, travelers can book a cruise with one of the cruise lines that travel up and down the gorgeous coastline of Croatia any time of the year.

There are both small cruise lines and large cruise lines available to view the beautiful country of Croatia by sea. Discovery cruises offer travelers the ability to learn about Croatia’s fascinating history, including the reasons behind all of the many castles and cathedrals that exist in Croatia. Luxury cruises that explore Croatia’s coastline tend to lean towards relaxed luxury travel vs. high end luxury travel.

Sailing cruises are for travelers who are looking for excitement, romance, or a little of both! The world’s largest full-rigged sailing ship is available for travelers who want to experience a different type of cruising. Large cruise ships, local cruises, and day cruises are also available, making it worthwhile for any traveler wanting to explore Croatia’s beautiful coastline to look into all of their available options.

Katerina Lines offers coastline itineraries of Croatia, and offers travelers a large number of Croatian coastline itineraries. There are many different types of itineraries to choose from, which means there’s a perfect itinerary for everyone. Examples include itineraries based on relaxation, bicycling, hiking, young fun, and simply enjoying the beautiful coastline.

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A Day at Torciano Winery

by JuJuB

Traveling to Italy? Taking time to visit the Torciano Winery is a must for those who appreciate luxury wines. This Italian winery offers visitors a welcoming place where they can enjoy all things wine, while relaxing and enjoying the extraordinary views.

Torciano Winery

The Torciano Winery was founded in 1720 and is now in its 13th generation of wine producing. The warm hospitality found here is like no other, as the focus of the winery is on celebrating both their style and heritage. Pierluigi Giachi, owner of Tenuta Torciano Winery, places a lot of attention on creating an Italian experience for those who visit his winery that is simply like no other. One of his many goals is to help travelers understand how to pair the right food with the right wine, which simply makes every dining experience all that much more enjoyable.

Wine lovers will enjoy the variety of both red Italian wines and white Italian wines available here, as well as additional wine options, like sparkling wines and dessert wines. Visitors will also get to learn proper glass etiquette, a skill that will take them far in their wine tasting adventures. Because the Torciano Winery has such an impressive history and is able to offer visitors so many options, this is a winery that needs to be on everyone’s travel bucket list.

The following are just some of the options available when visiting Torciano Winery. Making reservations is recommended due to their popularity.


  • Lunch in the actual winery, includes tasting
  • Dinner in the actual winery, includes tasting
  • Truffle hunting, includes lunch and tasting
  • Tour the vineyard, includes tasting in winery
  • Cooking classes, includes tasting in winery


For those who love wine and are looking for one of the most romantic and scenic venues located in Italy to get married, know that the team at Torciano Winery will take care of all the details. Newlyweds can also expect romance with every dining experience, as a romantic dinner in the winery includes wine tasting and much more.

For those who enjoy a luxury wine vacation, the option to take a full tour of the winery via a private helicopter is available. This truly incredible journey allows visitors to explore the Tuscany area from above, making for incredible lifetime memories.

For those who are interested in getting a group of friends together to take a vacation based on all things wine, there is simply no other winery that can offer them the warm hospitality offered here, which all stems from the Giachi family’s passion for their Italian heritage.

For visiting families, know that there are fun activities that make visiting the winery exciting for the whole family, including mini bowling and archery.

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Sydney Australia for New Years

by Tammy

Looking forward to celebrating next New Year’s Eve? Making plans for the next new year should always be done many months in advance, as this is the best way to ensure that you get to do exactly what you want to do when celebrating the new year coming in. Because there are many new year’s celebrations that you’re able to choose from that are taking place all over the world, making sure you know exactly what it is that you want to do is highly recommended. This way you’re able to choose the absolute best New Year’s venue to celebrate the new year coming in, which is going to ensure your having a fabulous time!

Why Sydney Australia?

Did you know that Sydney is known as the New Year’s Eve capitol of the world? Sydney Australia is one of the top rated places for celebrating New Year’s Eve, which is why more than one million people choose to celebrate in Australia’s infamous Sydney Harbor every single year!

The entire event is absolutely free and is one of the most popular and largest gatherings of New Year’s Eve crowds taking place today. Preshow entertainment starts at about 6:00 PM and includes special aboriginal ceremonies, aerial acrobatics and fantastic water displays that are all a must see. There are two different fireworks displays, with the first one starting at about 9:00 PM and the second one starting at the stroke of midnight.

The Harbor of Light Parade starts after the first fireworks show and consists of boats gliding across the water all lit up in different colors, making for a truly spectacular display of lights!

The long running fireworks display is quite spectacular, and can be viewed from the many areas made available so everyone is able to enjoy the fireworks show. While most people do set up along the Sydney Harbor foreshore, other celebrators choose to take a cruise where they can enjoy the fireworks show while enjoying dinner, drinks and entertainment on one of the many cruise options available.

Make Your Plans Now!

Accommodations are not a problem due to the fact that many Sydney hotels will set aside rooms that offer the absolute best New Year’s Eve views, with many including private balconies. If you’re wondering where you’re going to celebrate next New Year’s Eve and thinking that Sydney Australia is the place for you, be sure to book your trip as soon as possible in order to make sure you’re able to get the absolute best New Year’s Eve accommodations.

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Now that summer is almost officially here, travelers are looking for the best all-inclusive hotels to spend their summer vacation! This means that there’ll be a lot of vacationers looking for the best beach vacations, and all over the world. Because it’s summertime, this also means that families are looking to take their family summer vacations, making finding a family-friendly hotel a top priority for vacationing families.

The Eden Roc is an all-inclusive 4-star Miami Beach hotel and has been recently updated. This top vacation spot is perfect for both couples and families who enjoy the beach cosmopolitan lifestyle, which is what the Eden Roc Hotel in Miami is all about.

The Eden Roc All-Inclusive 4-Star Miami Beach Hotel

The Eden Roc is now an updated all-inclusive family-friendly hotel as it has recently undergone some huge transformations. While the Eden Roc has always been a popular hotel choice for those vacationing in or around the Miami Beach area, the $250 million they spent modernizing the hotel ensures every guest experience will be one they will never forget.

One of the many reasons why the iconic hotel has been so popular over the years is because it isn’t located directly on the beach, which allows for a more relaxing vacation. The Eden Roc also offers many of the modern room packages vacationers are wanting nowadays, making it easy for them to choose a package that’s going to best meet their wants and needs.

While all-inclusive vacations are a top choice for couples who are looking to take a luxury summer vacation, they’re also a top choice for vacationing families as it simply makes everything so much easier.

Eden Roc Rooms

Rooms now include private balconies that offer the most spectacular ocean views, high speed wi-fi, a flat screen TV, radio speakers, coffee machine, rainfall shower heads, 24 hour room service and more! There are four different pools to choose from so any age is easily accommodated when staying at the Eden Roc Hotel.

Fun Things to do!

Guests who stay at the Eden Roc all-inclusive hotel in Miami Beach are able to:

  • Enjoy organic farm to table poolside dining
  • Book a private yacht charter
  • Participate in water sports, like jet skiing
  • Visit the Bass Museum of Art
  • Visit the Miami Children’s Museum
  • Visit the Miami Seaquarium
  • Play golf on the Bayshore Golf Course or the Miami Beach Golf Club
  • Get full body massages, spa treatments

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When most people think about a trip through the Tuscany countryside, they think about a relaxing drive with the windows down, or enjoying the sites with others on a bus tour. However, with Tuscany’s rolling hills and winding roads, one of the best ways to see the area is on a bicycle. It’s a great way to cover more ground, travel at a slower pace and stop along the way to see sites.

The best part about biking through Tuscany is that, depending on what you are interested in doing while you are there, you can create your own agenda. For example, you can bike through Northern Tuscany and get to know the great city of Florence or just focus on Tuscany and park your bike occasionally to enjoy a glass of wine and a nice meal. Then get back on and continue your journey. The choice is yours.

There’s a tour company called Exodus Travel that helps you to put together your Tuscany biking adventure. As they say, when you bike through Tuscay, you “Live “La Dolce Vita” as you cycle to the iconic city of Pisa, the masterpieces of Florence, wineries and so much more. You can cycle to the iconic leaning tower of Pisa to the Ponte Vecchio in Florence and, of course, through the Tuscan countryside. You’ll see da Vinci’s birthplace and sample some of Italy’s finest cuisine. 

In addition, Exodus Travel also has cycling packages for touring other parts of Italy, including Campania and the stunningly beautiful Amalfi Coast. On this tour, you can cycle through the Cilento National Park, quaint fishing villages, the Greco-Roman city of Paestum, Positano and of course Amalfi.

If you’re concerned that you are not up to cycling such big distances, don’t worry. There are tours for the more advanced cyclist as well as moderate tours where you aren’t going faster than 10 miles per hour. There is something for everyone and cycling through Italy brings a whole new level of exploration to your trip.

If you are interested in exploring Italy on bicycle, contact us and we will help to put together a trip of a lifetime for you.

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Hidden Gems in Palm Springs

by JuJuB

Palm Springs, California was once known as a show business mecca as some of the industry’s biggest names lived and vacationed in this beautiful desert city. Located 110 miles south from Los Angeles, the city is surrounded by the San Bernardino Mountains, the Santa Rosa Mountains, and the San Jacinto Mountains. Today, it’s the home of the Coachella Music Festival and nearby to the Desert Hot Springs which is known for its relaxing hot mineral springs. Here are some other hidden gems to enjoy on your vacation:

Celebrity homes: Welcome to lifestyles of the rich and famous! Palm Springs is where such celebrities as Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, Lucille Ball, Steve McQueen, Sonny Bono, Elvis Presley, and Dean Martin lived or vacationed. Some of these homes are available for rent, so if you’re looking for some Hollywood glitz and glamour on your vacation, book one of these lavish homes.

Food: Shhhh, because PS Underground is a secret member’s only supper club. This eating experience is just that – an experience – that comes with an element of surprise where you eat won’t be known until right before you eat. You could eat under the stars or in a gallery or on a private estate. There are no menus and what you eat won’t be known until it’s time to dig in.

Desert Hot Springs: Only a short distance away from Palm Springs is Desert Hot Springs, the only aquifer of thermal, mineral spring water and you can soak in the waters at any of the 22 boutique resorts in the area. Don’t miss out on this experience. It’s rejuvenating and relaxing and your body will love you for it.

Where to stay: Located in Desert Hot Springs, Two Bunch Palms is the oldest hot mineral springs resort in the country and also the first carbon neutral resort in America. This resort has been around since the 1940s and Hollywood celebrities – and even some gangsters – have sat in these springs. Another hidden gem is the Andalusian Court, a private Spanish Revival Inn and a romantic retreat for adults only. The villas have outdoor whirlpool tubs, marble bathrooms, an eco-friendly fireplace and more. Finally, there’s the Miramont Indian Wells Resort and Spa at the base of the scenic Santa Rosa Mountains features 13 treatment rooms and a private salt water pool.

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When isn’t a trip to Italy a good incentive? It would be very hard to convince anyone that a trip to Italy isn’t worth working hard for, but if you need some encouraging, how about this:

Wine and Food: Food, wine and Italy all go hand in hand and you can’t go to Italy without a sip of wine or a taste of pasta and pizza. Stroll the Mercato San Lorenzo food market where you can shop for your favorite Italian spices and other delicacies as well. Make sure you also try bigoli, the pasta of Venice. Wine connoisseurs will love the fact that Italy has 20 major grape growing regions, so leave room for a wine tasting in your tour schedule. Stop by Perche’ No, which has been owned and operated by the same family since 1939, and enjoy some gelato.

History: From the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church to the Colosseum in Rome and such famous artwork as Michelangelo’s David and the Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper, Italy is filled with history. The Vatican Museums have an entire history of the pontiffs as well. Soccer also plays a big part in Italy’s history and is an important pastime in Italy. There are also many architectural sites to visit, including the Climb the Duomo and Bell Tower, where you can climb the 476 stairs and see a view of the entire city. The Uffizi Gallery is one of the most famous museums in the world and has collections of paintings of the fourteenth century and especially from Leonardo, Raphael, and Michelangelo.

Romance: Ah mi amore! Italy is all about the love and romance and one of the most romantic places in Italy is adore Amalfi, which includes nine other beautiful towns. Visit Saint Andrew’s Cathedral, and the Paper Museum or explore the passages of Positano. Tuscany’s beautiful landscapes are beautiful enough to enjoy with your loved one and, when you are done, take a dip for two in Saturnia, one of Tuscany’s thermal baths, with sulphurous waters.

Tuscany: One of the most beautiful regions of Italy, Tuscany’s winding country roads and the rolling hills are breathtaking. Here you can enjoy cooking classes, a lush landscape and amazing art at The Duomo.\

So much to do, so little time, so enjoy Italy!

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Employees want to feel appreciated when they are working hard. They want to know that their bosses like the work they are doing and the hard work they are putting in. You should want to show your employees how much you appreciate and value them too. Maybe they pulled in a big fish who wants to have a family reunion with hundreds of his closest relatives, or maybe they landed a huge corporate client and you will be handling all of the travel arrangements. If you’re looking for more of a reward than an honorary certificate or an ‘Employee of the Month” picture and applause, there are several ways that you can do it:

Money: Everyone likes cash, but it really is just temporary. When the money is gone, the reward feels like it’s over. Unfortunately, it has been known to backfire too. For example, while you might think that employees could always use more money, employers that use straight cash to motivate employees might find that their employees think that money matters more to employers than anything else. However, money can be used in different forms as a rewards. Think of gift certificates to local restaurants, movie theaters, or stores.  Want to think larger? How about a gift certificate for a weekend away?

Gifts: Sometimes a small token of appreciation is the perfect way to reward a job well done. Perhaps the latest in music technology, a television, a big batch of books from their favorite author, a Netflix subscription, box of decadent Swiss chocolate or a beautiful bouquet of flowers is just enough to say ‘thanks,’ without breaking the budget.

Trips:  Being in the travel industry it would make sense to give a trip as an incentive reward to your employees. These trips do not have to be luxury trips to a private island or a 15-day cruise around Europe. If your employee deserves a big reward for a job well done, then perhaps a weekend getaway to a bed and breakfast, or an overnight cruise to nowhere might be appropriate. An all-expenses paid trip to Las Vegas, depending on your location, could be an option or even a night in a luxury hotel with room service and an in-room massage could be exactly what your employee needs after putting in hours upon hours helping you to grow your business.

Elite Incentive Travel

elite incentive travel
Employees work to earn money and put a roof over their heads, clothes on their back and food on the table. In this day and age, money is a primary motivating factor. Employees can also use their income to enjoy things they want to do while also pursuing personal hobbies and passions.

Employees also like to be rewarded for a job well done. There are two types of compensation for hard-working employees: direct and indirect. Direct compensation consists of things like cash money and bonuses, while indirect compensation consists of non-cash incentives, such as trips, which they say are becoming much more popular.

Giving your employee a trip doesn’t mean you have to set them up on a high-end resort island with top-of-the-line amenities, especially if that’s not in your company budget. There are more affordable ways to provide a trips as incentives:

Think close to home: Is there a bed & breakfast in your employee’s hometown? A close weekend getaway is a more affordable option than a vacation package that includes airfare. Throw in a gift card for a few meals. Vacations to national parks with tours of the local towns are another low-budget option that provide great memories. How about a themed vacation, such as a weekend winery tour, amusement park tour, or beach getaway?

There are some cities that are much more affordable than others thanks to free attractions. For example, free attractions in Washington D.C. include the Smithsonian National Zoo, the National World War II Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum, Jefferson Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery, and the Library of Congress.

Still not convinced that a travel incentive program is right for you? Call Elite Travel and we can answer any additional questions you may have.

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Hawaii, with six main islands, beautiful landscape and foliage, dormant volcanos, beaches with multi-color sands, and its deep history, makes for an amazing location as a travel incentive trip.

Volcanos: Get up-close-and-personal with Hawaii’s many dormant volcanos, such as Mauna Kea, on the island that stands 4,205 m above sea level, the highest point in the state. There’s also the famous Diamond Head Volcano State Landmark in Honolulu as well as also other beautiful sights to behold, including Waimea Canyon, on Kauai’s West Side, which has been described as “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific,” that goes for 14 miles and is 3,600 feet deep.

Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor: Hawaii is filled with a lot of rich history on the islands and of course much of it surrounds the attacks on December 7, 1941. The Pacific Aviation Museum is where you can see World War II-era planes, including an actual Japanese Zero and a Stearman N2S-3 once piloted by former American President George H. W. Bush, as well as exhibits and a 12-minute film that details the events. Pearl Harbor still remains an active military base and a National Historic Landmark.

USS Bowfin: Dubbed the “Pearl Harbor Avenger,” the USS Bowfin, which is over 10,000 sq.-ft. and includes 4,000 submarine-related artifacts, was launched one year to the day after the events of December 7, and it completed nine successful patrols before eventually arriving at Pearl Harbor. Today, the Bowfin is a National Historic Landmark and museum ship where visitors can get a first-hand experience on what it was like to work aboard a World War II-era sub.

Humpback Whales: Relax on the islands, but also look in the ocean and watch the beautiful humpback whales. You can visit the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary and head out into the water for a closer view.

Get Active: Kauai is known for kayaking and mountain tubing, while Oahu is the mecca of big wave surfing, canoe rides on Waikiki Beach and snorkeling on Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve. Hookipa Beach is also known as the windsurfing capital of the world and then there’s scuba diving in the Lanai Cathedrals. Molokai is known for sports fishing, while Hawaii hosts deep-sea sports fishing and tournaments. There’s so much to do on the beautiful islands.

Of course a visit to Hawaii wouldn’t be complete without sampling the cuisine, especially poi, a thick paste made from taro root that is steamed, baked or pounded, poke (raw fish), and fresh pineapple.

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