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Small Group Travels to Europe are Best

by Tammy

Thinking about planning your next trip to Europe? Great! A European vacation is able to offer travelers a number of unique and exciting things to do, giving them memories that are easily going to last a lifetime. When you choose to take your next vacation in Europe, you’re going to get to experience all of its rich history and fascinating culture, which is one of the main reasons why Europe is still a top vacation destination. If you’re wanting to get a group together, be sure that it’s a fairly small group, as small group travels to Europe are best.

A European Vacation

The history, the culture, the splendid cuisine, the exciting nightlife, the charming villages, the lovely ambiance and much more are all to be found when vacationing in Europe! Because there is so much to do and see when in Europe, the following is a list of some of the more popular things to do or must see attractions when vacationing  in Europe.


  • While Paris, Rome and Florence may be crowded, they are a must see and accordingly are well worth the visit!
  • The Swiss Alps are a perfect vacation stop for travelers who enjoy winter sport activities and small charming towns.
  • The Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia is a must see for its sheer beauty, a perfect place for nature lovers.
  • The European architecture includes many styles and is absolutely spectacular, making it a good idea to schedule in some tours of famous architectural buildings.
  • European museums are many and include some of the most impressive collections worldwide.
  • Eating musts include – tapas, pizza, cheeses. Drinking musts – wine.

Why Small Travel Groups are Best

Why are small travel groups best when traveling to Europe? Because small group travels allow travelers to explore their destinations in a much better fashion when compared to large travel groups. Smaller traveling groups are simply able to better enjoy seeing and exploring all of the many sights there are to see when vacationing in Europe. Small groups allow everyone to get to know each other. When there are too many people in a group, it’s easy for travelers to get lost in the crowd.


Small group travel benefits:

  • See things the way locals see them – more intimate – places are more easily accessible – can make new friends – has access to places larger groups cant go, like small, local restaurants – impact of small groups is smaller, important when visiting smaller European villages.

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Now that summer is almost officially here, travelers are looking for the best all-inclusive hotels to spend their summer vacation! This means that there’ll be a lot of vacationers looking for the best beach vacations, and all over the world. Because it’s summertime, this also means that families are looking to take their family summer vacations, making finding a family-friendly hotel a top priority for vacationing families.

The Eden Roc is an all-inclusive 4-star Miami Beach hotel and has been recently updated. This top vacation spot is perfect for both couples and families who enjoy the beach cosmopolitan lifestyle, which is what the Eden Roc Hotel in Miami is all about.

The Eden Roc All-Inclusive 4-Star Miami Beach Hotel

The Eden Roc is now an updated all-inclusive family-friendly hotel as it has recently undergone some huge transformations. While the Eden Roc has always been a popular hotel choice for those vacationing in or around the Miami Beach area, the $250 million they spent modernizing the hotel ensures every guest experience will be one they will never forget.

One of the many reasons why the iconic hotel has been so popular over the years is because it isn’t located directly on the beach, which allows for a more relaxing vacation. The Eden Roc also offers many of the modern room packages vacationers are wanting nowadays, making it easy for them to choose a package that’s going to best meet their wants and needs.

While all-inclusive vacations are a top choice for couples who are looking to take a luxury summer vacation, they’re also a top choice for vacationing families as it simply makes everything so much easier.

Eden Roc Rooms

Rooms now include private balconies that offer the most spectacular ocean views, high speed wi-fi, a flat screen TV, radio speakers, coffee machine, rainfall shower heads, 24 hour room service and more! There are four different pools to choose from so any age is easily accommodated when staying at the Eden Roc Hotel.

Fun Things to do!

Guests who stay at the Eden Roc all-inclusive hotel in Miami Beach are able to:

  • Enjoy organic farm to table poolside dining
  • Book a private yacht charter
  • Participate in water sports, like jet skiing
  • Visit the Bass Museum of Art
  • Visit the Miami Children’s Museum
  • Visit the Miami Seaquarium
  • Play golf on the Bayshore Golf Course or the Miami Beach Golf Club
  • Get full body massages, spa treatments

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Looking to tour Europe this year? Excellent, because there’s so many amazing places to see and things to do. Right now, the hottest tourist destinations are Amsterdam, Paris and Rome.

Amsterdam: Tourists are flocking to the capital of the Netherlands and there’s good reason why: It’s absolutely beautiful. It has numerous canals and bridges, and buildings that are uniquely propped up on wooden poles. The country is filled with rich history, from Anne Frank, whose story of being a Jewish girl who went into hiding to escape the Nazis you can see at the Anne Frank Museum. There’s the Dutch painter, Vincent Van Gogh, who was born in the Netherlands and known for such paintings as Starry Night. You can tour the Van Gogh Museum and enjoy Museum Night every November. Amsterdam is also the home of the Heineken beer and, of course, the Royal Palace, which is active and can be toured.  Last, but not least, is the government monument, The Vondelpark, named after a Dutch poet, Joost van den Vondel.

Paris, France: You’ll say oui, oui to Paris! Why? If you really need a reason, let’s start with the fact that France is considered one of the most romantic destinations in the world. It’s called “The City of Love” after all. You can toast your love by touring houses of such great champagne producers as Domaine Pommery, where you can tour the Elizabethan-style estate that includes an exhibition of contemporary art. Visit Moët & Chandon, one of the most popular champagnes in the world and take a 45-minute traditional tour followed by a tasting of Moët Impérial, a champagne that was created in 1869.

Nothing goes better with champagne than chocolate and the Salon du Chocolat, a three-day festival held in October at the Porte de Versailles in Paris, is a must-see. Paris is also one party town so enjoy some nightlife at Le Montana, The Buddha Bar, and the La Locomotive. If you aren’t a club hopper and prefer theater to happy hours, visit Moulin Rouge, a troupe of 80 artists and many international acts who perform to music. Of course, there’s the Eiffel Tower, too.

Rome, Italy: A trip to Italy wouldn’t be complete without stopping in its capital, Rome. Here you can visit the Colosseum, built around 75 A.D and originally called the Flavian Amphitheater. It served as a venue for bloody gladiator matches. After touring, make sure you sample some gelato, especially at Giolitti, a short walk from the Pantheon, which was founded in 1900.

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How do I travel Solo?

by JuJuB

I have noticed a huge trend in Solo travel, and for all age groups. How can I start when I want to travel solo and  when it comes to getting the best deals?

Firstly, good for you for keeping up with travel trends! The fact that you are aware that there is a big trend going on when it comes to traveling solo means that you are doing a great job. Congrats!

Solo travel is definitely not a trend to ignore. Whether it’s a millennial who is seeking adventure travel, someone who is recently divorced and wanting some alone time, or seniors looking to check off their favorite traveling destinations from their bucket list, placing a focus on helping solo travelers meet their goals is going to be well worth your while.

Because many people are willing to travel to some of the world’s best vacation destinations solo, solo travel is indeed a great focus for all travel agents. While some may think that this particular travel group isn’t worth putting a focus on because it’s only one person, quite the opposite is true. Solo traveling is a trend that is definitely here to stay!

Know that you may want to be one of those solo travelers  who truly want to travel by themselves, others are more than willing to travel with other solo travelers. That’s why Elite Travel is now choosing to accommodate solo travelers by offering smaller accommodation options.

The fact that solo travel can cost more makes it important for you to be able to find the best travel deals especially  looking to travel by yourself. We have done the research  for you  and will be able to find a few travel destinations that don’t charge more for solo traveling.

Exodus Travels is a great example of a partner we use that places a focus on getting solo travelers to travel together to certain destinations, which was initiated by solo travelers requesting this option. Teeming River Cruises is another example as they offer a solo traveler the option to pay the double rate and then contact their waitlist of same sex singles who are willing to room with someone else.

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Need a break? Who doesn’t, but where should you go for a quick getaway? Well, it depends. If there is no limit to your budget, you can go practically anywhere and it would still be a quick getaway. If you are on a tight budget, you will want to limit your getaway to close to your home. Here are five of the top destinations when you just need a mini-vacation.

New York City: Come in for a quick getaway to see a Broadway musical and turn it into a weekend of fun in the Big Apple. (Tip: You can’t get Hamilton tickets on a spur-of-the-moment jaunt to the city, but you can see one of many other fantastic performances that might have seats available.) Have a great meal at Carmine’s on 44th Street, buy a ticket to go to the top of the Statue of Liberty and walk through beautiful Central Park. There’s so much to do in Manhattan that you will want to turn your quick getaway into a week-long vacation.

Hudson Valley, New York: If you’re looking for a trip to New York, but want to avoid the hustle and bustle of New York City, drive about two hours north to the Hudson Valley. Here you can see the Catskill farms, hike the Shawangunk Mountains in New Paltz, kayak in the Adirondacks or enjoy some historical tours at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the Vanderbilt Mansions in Hyde Park.

Las Vegas: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but you have to get to Vegas first. Whether you choose to spend your time hitting the slot machines and trying Lady Luck or you want to sit in the audience of a Celine Dion show, there’s something for everyone. You can eat at Guy Fieri or Gordon Ramsey’s restaurants (or both). You’re bound to find an affordable hotel room, but if the strip is booked up, try staying at the exciting Fremont Street Experience. You can travel by bus to the main strip and still enjoy some fun nightlife. Make sure you zipline across Fremont Street.

Toronto, Canada: Nothing like a quick visit to Toronto’s distillery district, which has art galleries, cafes, restaurants and, of course, a brewery. Depending on what time of year you are visiting, you may be able to enjoy one of their many festivals. Toronto is also home to the Hockey Hall of Fame and Museum and its here where you can take a ferry ride to the Gibraltar Point, an Island Lighthouse that is the oldest landmark in Toronto.

Nashville, Tennessee: It’s a quick getaway to the home of country music, so if Garth Brooks and Johnny Cash are your favorite singers, this is the place to go. Nashville is also home to the Grand Ole Opry, Opryland USA amusement park, and the Belmont Mansion. There’s something for all ages.

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Did you know that in 19th century England, the high society ladies polished their boots with champagne? Did you know that Marilyn Monroe once bathed in 350 bottles of the sparkling wine?

Most of us prefer to sip champagne, especially at important events such as weddings and New Year’s Eve. If your love of champagne is even more intense, than perhaps a trip to the champagne region of France should be on your travel agenda for next year.

France is where you can tour houses of such great champagne producers as Domaine Pommery, where you can tour the Elizabethan-style estate that includes an exhibition of contemporary art. There are samples to taste as well. The country is also home to the Ruinart wines in the Crayères, the oldest established Champagne house, producing champagne since 1729. Here you can enjoy a two-hour tour that includes a guided tasting of two cuvées. (Ruinart is closed for the season until March 13, 2017).

Located north east of Paris, in Epernay, is Moët & Chandon, one of the most popular champagnes in the world. Located in Epernay, Champagne, north east of Paris, there are a variety of Moët & Chandon tours, including a 45-minute traditional tour followed by a tasting of Moët Impérial, a champagne that was created in 1869.

In Reims, the Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin specializes in producing luxury champagne since 1772. You can choose to take a tour of the cellar and learn about how they make their champagne. The G.H. Mumm Champagne house you tour more than 25 million bottles of fine Champagne.

Not sure how to taste champagne? There are champagne tasting workshops help throughout France, so sharpen your skills by signing up for a course. Hey, more champagne to taste!

New Year’s Eve is also called National Champagne Day. For more information, Check out champagne and wine expert Liz Palmer’s first book, The Ultimate Guide to Champagne, which debuted in September. The 316 page book includes 220 photos, as well as charts and more.

Here’s a tip for that bottle you will bring home: According to champagne experts, champagne should be stored between 50 to 55 degrees in a humid environment, but place it on its side to prevent the cork from drying out. Serve it between 44 to 48 degrees.

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It’s time to get your family together again for a family reunion. Whether you get together once or a year or you are gathering for the first time in years, the right location is key.

Think of a destination that means something to your family: Did you always go to Disney World every year when you were younger? Does the mere mention of Cinderella’s Castle bring tears to your eyes? If possible, your reunion destination should be one with meaning. Walt Disney World can help you to organize your celebration, down to the matching family t-shirts.

Consider cost too. You might want to choose an all-inclusive resort, like Turks & Caicos, so that there are no unexpected costs and everyone pays a similar rate. Turks & Caicos is located in the southeast Bahamas and includes a 45,000 square-foot waterpark; four villages, a 12-mile beach and clear turquoise waters; and fun activities for all ages.

Camping at such spots as Jellystone Park Resorts is another low cost option. Family members can camp how they want – in tents, RVs, cabins and full service cabins. Yet when they aren’t resting, they can meet for together time at the pool or to play volleyball, basketball, bingo and other family-style planned activities. From grandparents to grandchildren, there is something for everyone.

Sometimes the view is all you need for the best family reunion. Gather your family outside of the Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, New York and enjoy the views as you catch up on each other’s lives. Mohonk Mountain House is located only 90 miles north of New York City and includes hiking trails, a lake, and a spa. They also offer their own reunion coordinator.

Named one of the top destinations for reunions by Conde Nast Traveler, the Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Golf Resort, Spa & Marina in Cambridge, Maryland offers kids 18 and under the ability to stay for free with each paying adult. Adults can bond over 18 holes at the River Marsh Golf Club, which offers a glow-in-the-dark putting contest.

Your family can make the hills come alive at the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont, which is still run by, yes, the same Von Trapp family made famous in The Sound of Music classic film. The resort has 216 units and cross-country ski trails, a Von Trapp history tour, an Austrian-style lager brewed on site, outdoor concerts and more. Maybe at the end of your reunion, you should say goodbye to your relatives by singing, “So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good night. I hate to go and leave this pretty sight.”

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Long Layovers at Airports

by JuJuB


Have a few hours to spare before your next flight leaves? Looking for something to do? Perhaps you need to relax a bit. At the San Francisco Airport, a long layover means time to stretch your joints and muscles, so check out their yoga room. It’s a space that they say is devoted to relaxation, self-reflection and, of course, practicing yoga. There is no charge to use the facility. Chicago O’Hare Airport, Chicago Midway Airport, and Dallas Fort Worth International Airport all have yoga rooms as well.

Just recently, DFW Airport announced that it’s producing its own instruction video for its newest yoga studio to add to the complimentary practice mats, exercise balls and stretch bands they have for travelers. Now you don’t need to know yoga because they will loop a series of 20-minute-long video yoga classes offering instructions for beginners and advanced yoga students simultaneously.

At the Albuquerque International, travelers can spend time away from the hustle and bustle in the Sunport Meditation Room. In the Netherlands, Schiphol Airport also has a meditation center.

See a movie because films run all day and night at Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport and The Portland International Airport just added short films, produced by local filmmakers that are intended to introduce travelers to things going on in and around Oregon and show off local Portland hot spots. Portland’s Airport is teaming up with the PDX Theater in Portland to create a series of films intended to reach this captive audience.  Miami International Airport has a pop-up theater which shows old classics and features silent films and Changi Airport has 24-hour movies.

First and Business Class passengers of Etihad Airways can enjoy a spa treatment at Six Senses Spa Abu Dhabi Airport in Abu Dhabi Terminals 1 and 3. Guests traveling in Etihad Premium cabins can enjoy 15 and 25-minute tension-releasing massages focusing on areas of concern, body treatments and balancing facials to bring the glow back into the skin.

Treatment reservations can only be made and paid for on the day of travel at the spa reception. First Class passengers and Platinum Card holders can avail a complimentary 15-minute spa or express treatment at Style & Shave by Etihad in Abu Dhab.

Want to get your nails done? JFK features the very first Clubhouse Spa, with New York hairstylist Bumble & Bumble and a unique spa collaboration with skincare specialists. The spa is closed for morning flights.

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It’s a fabulous three-day weekend from work and it’s time to clock out, but where do you go? Honestly, you really can go just about anywhere, but if you want to have some time to actually lounge on the beach or do some sightseeing, here are some great three-day weekend ideas:

From city to the country: If you’ve been toiling all week in the hustle and bustle of New York City’s working world and you’re ready for some backwoods country, get away to the Adirondacks or any of the national parks close to you. Adirondack Park, a 6 million—acre park is larger than several National Parks combined, but it’s not a national park. There’s no cost to enter and you don’t have to worry about leaving at sunset. Go camping, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, paddle boarding and swimming. If you’re traveling in early September, check out the Adirondack Canoe Classic, known as the 90-Miler, a grueling three-day self-powered boat raced from Old Forge to Saranac Lake or the 10-day Saranac Lake Winter Carnival, held annually in February.

It’s Just Beachy: Would you prefer to be lounging on the beach instead of camping in the forest? Plan a weekend getaway to Florida where you can sink your toes into the white sand, play 18 holes on the many golf courses or enjoy the sights and sounds of Miami. Or how about going 50 miles further for a weekend jaunt to the Bahamas? Visit Nassau, the island capital, enjoy some scuba diving, diving and snorkeling.

Get Your R&R at a B&B: Forget planes and trains and, instead, hop into your car and head to a local romantic bed and breakfast. Depending on your destination, you can get away to the country, a city, near the woods or sleep in a lighthouse.

Say Oui Oui to Paris! It’s very romantic to pull out all the stops and take off for a weekend in Paris. With some planning and flexibility, it can be done. Take your iconic picture in front of the Eiffel Tower, enjoy the Louvre, and take a peek into Notre Dame de Paris. Enjoy a baguette, some Parisian chocolate, and, of course, sample some fromage (cheese). It’s a jam-packed exhilarating weekend of fun. When you head back to work, you can let your co-workers know that you spent the weekend in France (they probably won’t believe you so show them the photos!).

Your travel agent can help you to plan any of these weekend getaways.

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Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, is a large sandstone rock formation that was created over 600 million years ago, and is located in the southern part of the Northern Territory in Australia’s Red Centre.
Ayers Rock, which is located at Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, is an iconic landmark in Australia that some travelers just want to climb and stand on top of (it’s heavily encouraged that you do not do this due to the danger involved), while others want to witness the changes in color as the sunsets strike the rock. The Rock is owned by the Anangu aboriginal people. At the Park, you can take a free guided walk and visit the cultural center where you will learn more about this Anangu culture and see Anangu art. 

The Aboriginal landowners of Uluru and Kata Tjuta, are Yankunytjatjara and Pitjantjatjara people who speak their own language. You may see the locals in your travels.

According to the Australia Parks Department, Ayers Rock is higher than the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Chrysler Building in New York. Walking around it can take approximately 3.5 hours, but it can be done.

Even if you just want to get some great photos of Ayers Rock, you should plan on spending at least a day of your Australian trip here. There are other features to see too, which could add to your trip for a few days. Close by the Rock is the Kata Tjuta, formerly called “the Olgas”, and the second major feature of Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park.

In 1950 Ayers Rock, today known as Uluru, was declared a national park. The park has special sunset viewing areas for both the Uluru and the Kata Tjuta.

If you love watching birds, the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park has been home to 178 species of bird in the park. This has included such rare species as the scarlet-chested parrot and the grey honeyeater. You can also look for many examples of historic Aboriginal rock art around Uluru and you can see it along the Mala Walk and Kuniya Walk to Mutitjulu Waterhole.

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For more amazing facts about the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park and the Aboriginals, visit

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