Air France-KLM CEO Touts His Millennial-Focused Airline That’s Really for Everyone

by Tammy Levent

Air France has created a new marketing strategy, purporting to attract the millenial generation with entertainment and lower cost. For the most part, the idea was met with mockery but Air France’s response indicated its real goal was to compete with discount fare air travel. It also hopes to spruce up the brand making the new image attractive to all ages. CEO Jean-Marc Janaillac explained that they were interested in keeping the airline modern and reflecting the changes all travelers are now becoming accustomed to.

Key Takeaways:

  • Air France was routed in the press for its “millennial focused” airline, feature rooftop bars, a nonsense concept for an airline.
  • They are still going forward with this airline, dubbed Joon, and focusing on this youth market.
  • The real key will be to attract multiple groups, not just 20-30 year olds, but older business travelers who still want perks and the ability to fly on something a bit more modern.

“Recently, Janaillac said Air France has lost customers to discounters even when Air France matches prices.”

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