A Few Reasons to Consider Quarterly Incentives

by JuJuB

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Odds are you have heard the phrase, “Life is not a sprint; it’s a marathon.” For a 500-meter-dashes, running as fast as you can is fine, but for a marathon runner, going fast in the first mile causes a burnout that could take you out of the race completely. With incentives for your employees, offering multiple 500-meter-dashes could potentially be more beneficial to your bottom line than a marathon. It might be time to consider a quarterly travel incentive in place of a one time annual incentive.

Breaking up travel incentives to last all year can do a few things for you:

1. A quarterly incentive feels easier to achieve. Working hard all year makes the end reward feel far away and thus harder to get to. Knowing you are going to be rewarded in a matter weeks for your hard work, puts some pep in your step.

2. Employees who slip in one quarter won’t feel left out completely. They will know that if they work harder in the next quarter they can still get a travel voucher. Sure, they won’t be able to take a vacation as big as someone who hit their quota every quarter, but at least they are still being rewarded which boosts morale enough to keep them aiming high.

3. Most companies report their income in their quarterly reports. Therefore, offering quarterly incentives will in turn boost your quarterly numbers. There is nothing better than being able to frequently report good news which subsequently makes you look better to upper management and/or shareholders… Keeping everyone happy all year can lead to bigger and better things for you and your company.

You can give a travel voucher for minimal amounts of $300, $500, or some other amount each quarter when your team hits their goals. Your team members can accumulate certificates and then at the end of the year lump them together for one great vacation with their family.

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