10 Books that Will Inspire You to Visit Africa

by Tammy Levent

Basically there are five regions – North, West, Central, Southern, and East. North Africa has an Arab/Islamic culture rather than a sub-Saharan African culture. Morocco, Tunisia, and Egypt have colorful markets, lots of old mosques and architecture, Roman ruins, desert trips, and Egypt of course has the pyramids and tombs. If you want to see wildlife, the major safari parks are in East Africa and Southern Africa, especially Kenya, Tanzania, and South Africa.

Key Takeaways:

  • The diverse continent has no shortage of inspiration for stories to consume during your travels
  • “Out of Africa,” portrays what we love about traveling Africa, which in many places is still untamed.
  • There’s plenty of other stories to inspire, horrify and give you a true sense of what Africa is to the people that live there.

“The connection that Lawrence forms with the matriarch of the herd will transform the way you perceive animal intelligence and emotion.”


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